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Cheryl Hole

We know Cheryl Cole and girl bands were a huge inspiration for your drag persona but how else did your childhood shape Cheryl Hole?

I was a musical theatre kid when I was growing up. When I was six years old I got put into theatre school because my year one teacher literally said “he has a lot of steam to burn off and I think this is the best avenue”. So I think that opened up my eyes to this brand new world I didn’t know just yet.

Musical theatre and dance shaped me growing up and it was t

Layton Williams

First of all tell us about your journey. I know a lot of it has been around the confidence you've had being out and proud. Tell us a little bit more about that. I guess it all just comes from life, time and experience. Most kids, especially when I was growing up had to figure themselves out and hide themselves a little bit if they were like me. Now that I get the chance to be an adult, I'm fully comfortable in my own skin and I'm living my truth. It’s what I want to do every day. If I want to pu

Keisha Buchanan

You’ve had such an iconic career, what’s been one of your favourite moments?

Yes it’s been an amazing ride! I have so many cool memories but a highlight for me will always be touring. I loved every tour but Angels with Dirty Faces was my favourite as it was our first major tour. We had the best time.

When did you know you’d ‘made it’ as a pop star?

During the height of our success I could recognise that people knew who we were and how exciting it was to be greeted at TV stations by fans and p

Meet Asha Harper: the designer whose love of footwear took her to PUMA

As soon as you see Asha Harper’s work, you can tell that you’re getting something different. Her style is one that you’d happily struggle to put a label on, but the nod to individuality is one that stems from Asha’s personality resonating well with the German brand she now represents: PUMA.

Born in East London and quickly relocating to Leicester with her family, Asha’s journey which has led her to become one of PUMA’s footwear designers, started with her love of art and design. She tells us, “m

Yemzi: The East London brand that says goodbye to Fast Fashion

We live in an age where we are constantly wanting more out of fashion and more from our designers. We have an incessant need to be shocked and surprised – given something so groundbreaking that our minds are turned inside out. There’s no doubt that this isn’t easy, as many of the fashion trends that we’ve most recently become accustomed to are recycled gems from decades before us; washed up and churned out to fill the fast-paced lifestyles of the modern-day consumer. Unsurprisingly, this type of

Edward Eninnful's career and why his OBE matters

When it comes to fair recognition within the world of fashion, the industry can often play dirty. However, this wasn’t the case when W Magazine’s Creative Director Edward Enninful received an OBE this year, giving hope to black men and women who dream of being successful in the fashion industry.

Growing up in West London’s Ladbroke Grove, Enninful had an expectation for his career from his Ghanaian family that many people with academically focused parents can relate to. Yet, the spontaneous fas

Georgia O'Keefe inspired tailoring at Edeline Lee SS18

Tailored pieces made the cut this season as Edeline Lee’s SS18 show filled the BFC show space. Forever a label that is all about what’s happening off stage as well as on, Lee’s presentation was accompanied by the beats of musician Junk Male creating a personal and intimate setting as the audience encircled the label’s work.

Clean-cut designs have always been a Lee staple but this year we saw how the designer’s use of twisting and knotting techniques created a bold and distinctive Georgia O’Keef

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